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Eden Investment Managers is one of U.S.’s leading alternatives investment management firms.

We are widely recognized for our deep understanding of credit and track record of generating strong, risk-adjusted returns for our clients through investments in performing, rescheduled and non-performing loans.

About Eden

Eden Investment Managers LLC is an institutional asset manager focused on structured credit (asset-backed securities and loans) and private equity investments. Eden was founded by Jason Roberts and Don Russel, two individuals who were early leaders of the ABS industry, and who together have over 40 years of proven ABS/Loan credit analysis. Eden aims to approximately have $2 billion* in assets under management by end of 2021. EDEN utilizes a relative value approach to investing in structured credit and loan products. Leveraging the extensive experience of its founding partners and talented portfolio managers, the firm sources, analyzes, and purchases ABS and loan investments across multiple sectors globally in an effort to seek an attractive risk/return profile. This multi-sector specialization in both ABS and loans enables EDEN to seek to provide its clients with attractive, competitive returns that are generally uncorrelated to most traditional investment sectors. EDEN Investment Management’s headquarter offices are located in Houston, Texas.

Over 100 years’ experience investing in U.S. credit

Proven track record of managing over 250 portfolios

Strong credit expertise within performing and non-performing loans

2 U.S. offices provide superior access to our key markets

Investment Strategies


Despite the recovery in the multi-trillion dollar global Asset Backed Securities (ABS) market since the depths of the financial crisis over a decade ago, hundreds of billions of dollars of legacy distressed ABS remain outstanding. Eden is strategically positioned to leverage the expertise and experience of its founding principals – Jason Roberts and Don Russel – who have created many a securitizations. The investable universe of ABS includes over 60 sectors and extends well beyond traditional structured credit – notably residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS). Eden seeks relative value across the entire market, particularly esoteric sectors, examples of which include timeshares receivables, small balance commercial mortgages and reverse mortgages.

In addition to its multi-sector focus, Eden is one of the few ABS specialists to source product through three distinct channels: the distressed secondary markets, new issue market and purchase/securitization of whole loans. The firm seeks to create a considerable new issue pipeline through existing direct relationships with specialty finance companies and an expansive network of brokers. EDEN’s high-yield strategy has the ability to employ leverage and Eden actively seeks to hedge both interest rate and credit (tail) risk.

The EDEN High-Yield ABS strategy seeks to invest in assets with the following characteristics:

  • Strong absolute return
  • High current cash flow
  • Inflation-resistant (floating-rate)
  • Low correlation and volatility


As of December 2012, the Small Balance Commercial (SBC) loan sector of the real estate market was $588 billion. The credit crisis left approximately 35% credit-distressed and the exit of most lenders reduced SBC origination volume by approximately 50%. The SBC strategy seeks to capitalize on sector’s distress through the purchase of credit-distressed legacy SBC portfolios (primarily offered in the market by community banks continuing to restructure post-credit crisis); and the origination of new SBC loans funded in the securitization market. An underserved niche market, Eden seeks SBC loans which generally possess the following characteristics:

  • Approx. $5mn + average principal balance.
  • First-lien, real estate secured
  • Investor-owned real estate including mixed use, multi-family, retail and office or owner-occupied business loans

Since 2008, through its comprehensive SBC platform, Eden has purchased approximately $1 billion in loan assets nationwide. The firm’s expertise is founded upon the deep experience of its principals, who began actively investing in SBC loans in the early 1990s. Eden’s SBC strategy seeks to enhance returns through non-recourse leverage via the issuance of asset backed securities backed by SBC loans.


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